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‘How do I choose my thoughts?’
How to Choose Thoughts that
Make You Not Break you

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By: Sangeeta Maheshwari

      Certified Metaphysics Practitioner

      Author | Inner Growth & Happiness Mentor

Thoughts that Make You Not Break You-Sangeeta MaheshwariSangeeta Maheshwari
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Last week we introduced a step-by-step process of ‘How to enjoy sustained growth and happiness in 2022’.
This week we will explore the first step, of building Mindful practice to explore the Power of your Thoughts. 
As mentioned earlier, research indicates that an average person experiences around 60,000 thoughts per day. Imagine how many thoughts come and go, and we are unaware of their presence and impact on our minds. 90% of those thoughts are recycled from the previous day. Those repeated recycled thoughts become our beliefs, perspectives, and mindsets unconsciously. Our thoughts weave into a movie that is projected on a screen. That screen is our life.

In short, your life is a compilation of your thoughts. It is vital to get in touch with your thoughts to choose keep and which ones to discard. To improve the quality of your thoughts, you must connect with them first.
How do you connect with your thoughts?

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Mindfulness is a great tool to connect with your thoughts for your growth
You can grow every moment of your life when you are mindful of your available choices. Mindfulness sharpens your awareness. 
There are many ways to increase your awareness; for your convenience, some tools are listed below-
Meditation- helps you observe your thoughts and the chaos they can create in your life. When you meditate, you shift your focus from your active mind to your inner silence. Most people struggle to silence their minds. It is advised to start with one-minute short meditation by focusing on an object to bring attention to a single point.
Journaling or writing help you get in touch with your thoughts and feelings. Unless you know what is upsetting you, how can you resolve it? It is a great tool for purging unwanted thoughts as well. 
Talking to a trusted friend helps you hear your own thoughts. You may have suppressed your thoughts and feelings in the past to numb them as your coping mechanism. However, when you open up and talk, you allow your suppressed thoughts to flow again. This flow creates space and opportunity for you to hear them and let go of some of those old limiting thoughts.
Consulting a therapist can help you get in touch with your inner conflicts. Old, repeated thoughts create mindsets and patterns. Sometimes you need someone qualified to identify the pattern you may have got in, which may be sabotaging your happiness and progress. The good news is that patterns, mindsets can be reset, and you can choose how you want to think.

The higher the awareness, the better choices you make each day. The better choices you make, the better result you get in life. 
The first most important step to your growth and sustained happiness is to connect with your thoughts using mindfulness tools because your thoughts are powerful; they can make you or break you.

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