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The folded hands-Namaste is a greeting from our Higher self to your Higher-self. We bow to the divine in you who knows it all, just needs to be reminded through awareness of life experiences.


The caterpillar inside the folded hands is a metaphoric symbol of the aspect that needs growth. As we gently hold and nurture that caterpillar, it gradually transforms into a butterfly.


The orange colour metaphysically represents fiery focus in our life. In the orange realm, we are dealing with energies affecting our deepest desires/needs/wants and our own efforts to manifest things for our self no longer defer on wishes of others.


The outer space metaphysically represents the “unknown” that has been experienced and now with awareness made known. The situations encountered by desires have created our reality. We can now with our new understanding expand our consciousness from the boxed caterpillar to larger consciousness.


The Decagon symbolizes a certain degree of attainment and wholeness achieved during the designed journey of our life. Not yet a full circle, the decagon is “rounding off” the experiences in preparation towards transcendence into another field of consciousness.

The Meaning Behind our Logo

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