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By: Sangeeta Maheshwari

      Certified Metaphysics Practitioner

      Author | Inner Growth & Happiness Mentor

Sustained Growth and Happiness in 2022 - Sangeeta MaheshwariSangeeta Maheshwari
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Some studies indicate on average, we have around 60,000 thoughts per day.  For each thought, we have multiple choices of ways to respond.


How do you enjoy the process of choosing and performing without worrying about the result?


You can enjoy every moment of your life:


-when you are mindful of the choices you have available. By building mindful practice like meditation, you can sharpen your awareness. The higher the awareness, the better choices each day, resulting in better outcomes.

-when your choice helps you grow and not just feed your ego. Some choices give you a temporary kick but instil fear almost instantly. A choice that is challenging in the beginning but rewarding in the end, is the key to your growth.

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-when choosing becomes a hardship due to setbacks, take a pause to restore yourself. It is the nature of life to have ups and downs. Most of us know how to enjoy ups; it is the downs that take away the joy of life. It is vital to feel the beingness and allow yourself to feel your feelings. There is a deep, long-term joy in honouring your feelings. For when they are suppressed, they create dis-ease and suffering of mind, body, and spirit. Sometimes, it is a good choice to not react out of fear and just be in your presence.

-when you are interested in what you undertake to do. Sometimes you have to do certain tedious tasks because it is part of achieving your bigger goal. Remind yourself of the bigger picture and ignite interest in your task.

-when you feel proud of your work. Developing a sense of pride in your work helps you flow with creativity and inspiration. Your pride and passion inspire your work, and through your work, you inspire others.

-when you give your best efforts with honesty before submitting your work or moving forward with something else. You feel satisfied when you know you have worked to your best ability

-The most important element thereafter is to Let Go and Trust in the outcome to be for your best.

Embrace what you cannot change.

When you follow the above steps, you build good Karma and create sustained growth and happiness in your life. Your Goals or Destination cease to hound you with fear of failure as you focus on enjoying the process of building each moment of your life.

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