What is Diwali and Why is it Celebrated?

Diwali is one of the biggest Hindu festivals celebrated as a mark of victory of good over evil.

Lord Rama completed 14 years of exile to the forests and faced all the demons. He returned with his wife and younger brother by either conquering those demons or befriending them with his courage and wisdom.

Traditionally, homemade pure organic cotton buds dipped in pure ghee are lit to spread light in the darkness of night.

Metaphorically, Diwali for our soul is to go inwards into the wilderness or forest of our inner self and face our inner demons with courage and wisdom. We can then dip our thoughts in deep knowing/wisdom rather than external influences. We too can then spread light in our inner dark spaces.

How Do We Celebrate Diwali?


In preparation for Diwali, we deep clean our house and decorate it. We make colorful rangoli (artwork by organic dry colors) in front of the house and wear new vibrant color outfits.

In the metaphoric spirit deep cleaning, our inner self where our soul resides would create clean space. We can then decorate within colours and sparkles of compassion, letting go, forgiveness and love. Let go of all the deep resentment, hurt, stories and the biggest evil-our ego.

Traditionally homemade sweets were exchanged with neighbors, family, and friends. It was a gesture to spread sweetness amongst everyone.

We too can fill ourselves with our internal sweetness of unconditional love and acceptance by embracing every bit of us, in the true spirit of Diwali.

That is Diwali for our soul - by lighting all the darkness in and around us.


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