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From Reel to Reality | 
Lessons To Embrace in Real Life from Netflix’s Squid Game 


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By: Sangeeta Maheshwari

      Certified Metaphysics Practioner

      Author | Inner Growth & Happiness Mentor

Lessons from the popular Netflix Series - Squid Game

1. The choices we make today affect our future.
The decisions we make impacts not only our present but also shapes our future.
2. Appearances can be deceiving.
Most of the time, people are quick to judge others by their appearance. Maybe not out of malice, but simply because of preconceived opinions. The same is true when we look at social media and the way our friends portray their life. It’s easy for us to envy what they have, not realizing that there’s always more to the picture-perfect stories.

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3. Gambling never gives you a promise for a better life.
They say that a gambler is nothing but a man who makes his living out of false hope. It may be a way to win quick money, but it’s never guaranteed. The more you rely on to realise your dreams to the slimmest of chances, the higher the odds you could end up losing everything.

4. The best time to get insurance is when you don’t need it yet.
If gambling means risking what you have to win, getting insurance means securing your future. Some people still see it as an extra load, especially when it adds to their bills, but when the need for it appears, it may just be too late to act.
5. Betrayal comes from the people you trust the most.
In a game that preys on people’s desperation, it doesn't come as a surprise that betrayal will be inevitable. The same is true in life. The biggest betrayal can come from the people we hold dear, a sad and relatable realization.

6. Kindness sometimes comes from the people that you least expect. 
This is a reminder always to be kind because we could be the last “lifeline” someone is holding on to for all we know.
7. The kindness you show to others will always find a way of coming back to you.
You never really know the impact a little kindness can have on someone. Our words and actions towards people may be the hope and compassion they need.
8. Money may be necessary, but it doesn’t always guarantee happiness.
Yes, money is essential to get through life, but it’s the meaningful relationships and experiences you make that can give you profound happiness.

Life is a full circle. Every dot in the circle of our life comes from our mindsets and our choices. A daily reflection on how we respond to situations and people is a great guide to improving our life. 
Make the change you wish to see now.


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