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Faith & True Love
Journey to Inner Peace

Faith and True Love explores the fascinating spiritual journey of the author with her mentor, who is fondly called “Maa”.

It is as much about the author’s self-discovery as it is about Maa.

Sangeeta was only five years old when she met Maa. She describes how Maa’s “simplistic, yet profound advice” guided her through the tides of her life. As Maa’s travels and travails unravel, the author takes us deeper into her own struggles. Whether it was coping with the demands of marriage and travel, the loss of her children, or life’s confusing moments, Sangeeta’s questions and troubles always found solutions and solace in Maa’s unwavering faith. Maa’s own journey, while not being an easy one, is never devoid of compassion, love and patience and this is the essence of what the author tries to convey, in a very simple narrative. 

Faith and True Love makes a heartwarming read of how philosophy/spirituality and worldly life can be beautifully integrated. Simple solutions can exist to seemingly confounding problems. Truly inspirational, Faith and True Love takes us beyond the plains of confusion, into the heights of spiritual understanding.

"Live life simply and serve humanity generously." -Maa



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