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I work as an Inner Growth Mentor, Author, Blogger, and Co-Founder Trustee of Maheshwari Foundation.


I studied Economics and Computer programming at my University due to my keenness to understand the play of cause and effect and its repercussions.


After having lived in 6 cities and 5 countries, almost a decade ago, I dived deeper to find the cause of my grief and vulnerabilities. This led me to deep introspection and a journey to be an author.  ‘Faith & True Love- journey to inner peace’, is a tribute to my godmother and my life that transcended me from a place of Grief to Gratitude.

My curiosity made me study Metaphysics to be a practitioner and help others through my own experiences and healing.


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I founded Life A Spiritual Gym- a platform for introspection. A place to pause into the Human Beingness,  since this world is otherwise a place of doing.

I genuinely believe we are all Spiritual Beings who have come to this beautiful planet Earth as students to learn and grow spiritually. It is our response to situations that determine our growth. The suffering, hurt or pain we avoid is actually growing pains; when we embrace them, a treasure lies beyond the pains for us. Just like lactic acid is produced after physical exercises; however, there are ways of minimizing the effect of lactic acid in our body. Similarly, once we understand the presence of pain is for our growth, we can embrace them and take a step out of our comfort towards freeing ourselves from them.


I work with clients on a one on one basis and also do small group sessions. I use various Clearing Belief modalities like the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Ho’oponopono, bespoke visualizations, meditations, Cognitive techniques, Reiki, and energy work.


I conduct workshops with adults and children to help introspect and shift perspectives that help them move forward from their blocks. Most times, setback shuts our heart and blocks our emotions. With trust, we delve deeper to gently acknowledge and allow those hurts to receive tender love and care to get healed. We learn in the process a new approach to liberate from any future repetitive patterns.

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