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How to avoid getting lost in sorrow?

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By: Sangeeta Maheshwari
      Certified Metaphysics Practitioner
      Author | Inner Growth & Happiness Mentor

Are you stuck in sorrow? 


Losing someone can be a lonely journey. It comes with a mixed bag of emotions of pain, anger and guilt. The guilt of being helpless to save them. Anger as to ‘Why Me?’ or ‘I was also a good person, why did this happen to them or me?’. The pain of the memories and physical absence of the loved one comes with regrets, 'I wish I could have told them what they meant to me.'

Sometimes the shock creates numbness, and you do not know how to react.

Ways to deal with grief and loss

The most uncomfortable situation most people face is to deal with their grief or console others grieving. 

It is a cliche to say "Stay Strong". Actually, we do not realise that we are not letting them or ourselves acknowledge the loss. In order to heal, you have to feel. So contrary to staying strong, we as a society need to understand that it is ok to feel and it is ok to cry or get angry or upset at the situation. That part of you needs to express and be honoured. Thereafter, the beautiful life lived by the loved one can be honoured by celebrating what they stood for. You can keep the memory with you to slowly process your emotions, however, make sure you carry on doing what this person enjoyed doing. If it was music, then get in that space; if it was caring about you, you care for yourself and someone else to experience the joy inwards and outwards.


If you stay stuck in your grief, you will sadly get blocked, and your loved ones around you and the one gone will carry your grief. However, when you choose to grow with that grief into keeping that person alive through good deeds and fond memories, you transform yourself and help your loved ones heal.

In order to Heal, you have to Feel. Are you giving your feelings voice and space to speak to you? 

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