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How do you let go of anger, hurt and resentments?  
Amazing Transformation in 4 weeks!

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By: Sangeeta Maheshwari
      Certified Metaphysics Practitioner
      Author | Inner Growth & Happiness Mentor

When I was introduced to Tulika by Aspire For Her to mentor her for relationship challenges, Tulika felt really sad, hurt and upset by others misunderstanding her intentions. 


The importance of understanding in healing a relationship.


As she spoke, it became evident how it was all a game of misunderstanding. She understood from her perspectives and reacted to her past experiences. She makes them alive again and again as her current reality. And, unfortunately, others responded in the fashion she was perceiving. This is how we stay stuck in patterns.

Ways to help you let go of resentment, hurt and anger.


We did some role play to break the loop. We explored some old beliefs that were sabotaging her ability to receive with joy, openness and abundance. Unknowingly, we absorb many fear and projections from society and our extended circle of family and friends. Then, we start living out of those fears as our inner software until we are made conscious of them. With some tools for awareness, new understanding and effective communication skills, Tulika broke the barriers that she felt trapped in. In just 4 weeks and the present, she feels free, empowered and compassionate to others and herself. She is transformed and is forming healthier, happier and more harmonious relationships.

When you feel stuck in any aspect of life, it is time to change it. Your destiny is to be free and not to be captured.

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