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By: Sangeeta Maheshwari
      Certified Metaphysics Practioner
      Author | Inner Growth & Happiness Mentor

Manzil Centre for Special Needs

Sharjah, UAE

16 April 2019

Group Workshops

We explored the topic of ‘resistance’. Something that we all face every day and most times unaware of how much power it has over us.


We discussed the insecurities of trying something new.


- To just step out of our comfort zone is so hard. What if I fail?

- To give an answer in a classroom, what will others say?

- To express my views is challenging. Am I being selfish?

- To look after myself, my own dreams, my own wishes, what if my decisions are wrong?

So where is the above resistance coming from?

…. All resistance comes from fear.

Resistance Workshop with Manzil Staff-3.
Resistance Workshop with Manzil Staff-1.

Where is this fear coming from?

Fear resides in our ego. Our ego when sliced comprises of layers of fear, fear and, fear.

This fear holds us back to the extent of paralyzing us from taking steps forward.

It is all a mind game.


Everyone in the session was challenged to try going past their own inner resistance or belief holding them back by taking mini steps to face their resistance and embrace it. It was liberating, refreshing and expanding.

Resistance Workshop with Manzil Staff-2.
Resistance Workshop with Manzil Staff-4.
“We are birds who are meant to fly and not stay in a cage just because the cage keeps us safe and in our comfort zone.”



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