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are we using our mind

or is our mind using us?

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By: Sangeeta Maheshwari
      Certified Metaphysics Practioner
      Author | Inner Growth & Happiness Mentor

Are we using our mind or is our mind usiSangeeta Maheshwari
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The Mind was created by Universe’s Intelligence for our comfort, ease, efficiency, productivity, progress and peace of mind. Just like ‘Alexa’ is created by human intelligence. It is called Artificial Intelligence for humans.

But what happened?

With time, we forgot we are above, beyond and are the masters of our mind. The Mind is the Artificial intelligence for the soul. We were given Mind as a programmable tool to program for our benefit. But with the excessive usage, we became so dependent on it, that we gave it more power than ourselves. We started believing in our mind more than our intuition, our inner voice, our inner guidance. Our intuition is our true intelligence.

The Mind became a robot that started destroying our intellect and joys of life. Most people now believe they are synonyms to their mind, that there is no difference between them and their mind.

Are we using our mind or mind using us.p

Imagine if we start the same with Alexa. We allow Alexa to take over and decide for us till it becomes us!!


Currently, we use Alexa to follow our instructions for our efficiency. For example, listen to good music or give us some data that we are looking for.


There used to be a clear voice inside us called wisdom. It used to give clear instructions to the mind to function efficiently too. But slowly our mind took over. Now our mind plays games with our peace. Our mind does not let us sleep. We have lost our appetite, or we overeat because we are stressed. The Mind creates the stress and ensures we stay in the loop of the past and future. It has programmed us to remain in fears and doubts. We live in fear because our mind is not in our control any more. It plays tricks with us and has made us its slave.

The irony is we are all living in a mind or mental level and are forgetting our invaluable emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence means having the capability of feeling the emotions but not being compelled to act on it. That is where we have the wisdom to respond and not react the way the mind does.

Judgments of our Mind curb our feelings and emotions that reside in the heart. We do not trust and connect with our inner wisdom any more. We are living externally driven by ego, fears and logic. Feelings cannot be measured against logic just like love cannot be seen and measured. Love can only be felt, and there is no logic to love.

The Mind is where our ego resides and Heart is where our soul resides. The Ego thrives on fear. Our Soul thrives on true love and connects with others through the heart.

Let us try to connect, listen and live from our heart, and use our mind to support our heart and not the other way around. The Mind is the Artificial Intelligence of the soul and let us use it effectively for our benefit.

The Hand is the tool we use to serve and support ourselves and others. It is important that we use our heart and mind; however, equally important is to serve to feel human. If we serve with no compassion or no thought process, it would be like shooting in the dark. The good application comes with knowledge and insight.

That is when the Head, Heart and Hand need to be aligned for us to be in Harmony. The Head -- to think, the Heart -- to feel our feelings, to love and to apply wisdom by not reacting, and the Hand -- to execute, apply and serve.

When we use our mental and emotional intelligence in balance, we have less reasons to have anxiety, depressions and other mental health concerns.

The Mind is where our ego resides and Heart is where our soul resides.

The Ego thrives on fear. Our Soul thrives on true love and connects with others through the heart.

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