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Why do we resist change?

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By: Sangeeta Maheshwari

      Certified Metaphysics Practioner

      Author | Inner Growth & Happiness Mentor

Why do we resist change-FinalSangeeta Maheshwari
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From a baby to toddler to adolescent to adult and senior citizen, we are always changing. Everything around us changes, sometimes progressing with times and sometimes regressing.

If we observe nature, we see the grace in changes. Early morning the sun rises with rising energy, where everyone is waking to a new beginning. Meditation, exercise and all concentration work are best achieved at this time. In life, it is compared to the first 25 years of our life. We learn and work on building all our muscles at this time. From a baby to an adult, we learn the motor skills like the ability to walk, talk and eat our food to mental and psychological development. This period is for our fast growth. It can also be compared to spring season where the crops are starting to grow.

As the day moves to mid-morning peaking in energy, we move to 25-50 year bracket of our peak in our career, family and worldly responsibilities. This is the time of full bloom, and we implement what we have learnt. It is a period of accumulation and abundance. It is the summer season. At the end of this season, we harvest our crop.

Sangeeta Maheshwari - Why do we - inner

Late afternoon comes with a dip in energy and a need for tea/coffee. This is the time in our life from the age of around 50 when we take a pause. We like to reflect and shed what is not serving us any more. It is autumn, and the trees shed the leaves that are not strong enough to carry on. There is so much beauty and character in those fallen leaves. Nature creates and dances in the change so elegantly. The colour changes, and so does the temperature. We need more energy to perform and resort for warmer clothes, hot food and close friends.

As the night sets in, we need to reflect and be grateful for the beautiful day and rest for a new beginning. It is the 75+ years age bracket where we take on more subtle work. Through our rich content full experiences, we channel our wisdom to share and contribute to the larger society. This is winter season, and nature rolls it out so beautifully. It is the preparation time for another cycle for the farmers for their crops. In our lives, it is preparation for another journey, and our physical body night in preparation for the next day.

There is so much to enjoy, with every season. We must be conscious of what energy we have and how to use it mindfully to go with the FLOW. When nature does not resist the change, why do we? We only make it harder and create obstacles in what is inevitable to happen. Instead of swimming with the tide, we try swimming against it and feel frustrated.

Next time, please observe how human evolution and nature work in synchronicity.

Once we accept the nature of life is to change,

we can use the change in our evolution.


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