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‘AAshayein (Hope)’ – Lead to Change

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By: Sangeeta Maheshwari

      Certified Metaphysics Practioner

      Author | Inner Growth & Happiness Mentor

I was recently invited to speak as the Chief Guest at the Inaugural Function of ‘Inner Wheel District 305’. This year’s focus is ‘Lead to Change’, and their theme was ‘AAshayein’, meaning HOPE.

Over 400 women of various age and geographical diversity attended the function, and I am so excited to share how overwhelming their response was.  I am genuinely grateful and humbled to address the Inner Wheel ladies who are committed to serving the society. They take time out from their personal lives to touch so many more lives, and the topic of Hope was so apt.  That is what we all function on; Hope.

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It is the quality of Hope that helps adapt to Change.

I spoke about the 4Cs of Change, just like the 4Cs of a Diamond which we consider precious. Change is the most precious aspect of our growth, and to ensure it is the highest quality, you have to ensure the 4Cs have to correspond to that quality.

It was an extremely well-received webinar, and I look forward to many more collaborations to share life experiences. We hope to improve the 4Cs and raise the standard and quality of changes in our lives.

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Thank You Card - Inner Wheel -Sangeeta M



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