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we are one

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By: Sangeeta Maheshwari

      Certified Metaphysics Practioner

      Author | Inner Growth & Happiness Mentor

We Are OneSangeeta Maheshwari
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We are all born the same way
We bleed the same way,


We breathe the same air, soak in the same Sun
Then, why can’t we all be One!

We have the same senses of hear, smell, sight, touch and taste,
Then why are we making our humanity such a waste?


Before our first breath and after our last breath we are pure souls,
It is in between the journey of human life that we create distorted goals.

Our mindset needs to change from blame, shame and fame, To feeling each other’s pain and realising, we are all the same. Let us all wake up from being Hopelessly Human to Hopefully Human, For beneath every hate is the intense desire to be loved, and that is the essence of being human.

Let us increase our inner light through love to make this world a brighter and better place to live for us and our future generations.


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