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Maine tere Liye hi saat rang ke sapne
A gift of love

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By: Sangeeta Maheshwari
      Certified Metaphysics Practitioner
      Author | Inner Growth & Happiness Mentor

Recently I challenged myself to try something new. 

It was my husband's birthday three days ago, and to surprise him, I recorded my first music album. I recorded a song that is exactly 50 years old with a little twist. It was such an amazing experience to go to the studio and sing on an audio track, just like professional singers do. It took a few hours to get it right with my teacher's guidance. A few days later, I had a team of videographer at my home recording me while I was singing on my track. 

It was such a fun experience and a gift of love to myself and my family. My family and friends were in tears watching it. I do feel for any relationship to flourish, we have to keep recharging it with surprises.

I was contemplating if I should share this song publicly as it was a personal gift, but then with the intention that it may inspire you to try something new to surprise yourself and your loved ones. Because at the end of the day, it is all about how much we love ourselves and others in our lives.

 I would love to hear from you, any such heartfelt experiences you have had.

It is never too late to create one now. 
Do watch my music video, and please do share your comments.

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