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Is change necessary for our growth?

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Change and Growth audioSangeeta Maheshwari
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As humans we like stability in life, be it relationships, health, wealth, career, in short in all aspects of life. When the going is good we want to capture those moments in a bottle and stay in that zone. We love and identify ourselves with these successes because it makes us happy. But when we go through a rough ride we instantly want everything to change overnight. That is because we do not wish to identify ourselves with tragedy, failure, and grief.

Adapting to changes in life

These are all labels we give to experiences. Along with the labels come the emotions as a package deal. This is the main reason for suffering, our attachment to the so-called happiness with success and displeasure towards pain. In truth, it is not the situation that is painful, it is the label; the perception we attach to that situation that gives us pain. We fear before it happens in our life, then we grieve when we actually go through it and then we keep visiting our painful past and carry on suffering. But once we understand that nothing is good or bad but a passing moment for our growth, the labels and emotions cease to have power over us. We see change as a permanent friend and tool for our growth.

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Does change bring resistance in you?  Next time try seeing and embracing it as a friend who cares for your growth!


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