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fight for free future

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By: Sangeeta Maheshwari
      Certified Metaphysics Practioner
      Author | Inner Growth & Happiness Mentor

My interaction with the Noble Peace Laureate, Mr. Kailash Satyarthi, on various events and places, has escalated my astonishment. This humble and compassionate activist is such a rare combination to imagine, leave alone to find one.


It is our privilege to share an exclusive interview with him for ‘Life A Spiritual Gym’ followers for our ‘Inspiring Icons Insights’ series. 

​1. To make a lasting change, ‘Help as a Partner/Team and not as Charity’. When we give from a place of superiority and sympathy for the less equal it feeds our ego and not our compassion.  Remember when you give, someone is also letting you feel good by receiving it from you.


2. Dream-Discover-Do—First step to any transformation is to set out your intentions clearly. Now dive deep into researching ways to achieving your dream. Change can only take place by execution. Dream and Discover alone will not suffice. Doing is as important if not more as Dreaming and Discovering.


3. Support and guide others, but do not do it for them. That creates a disability in them and boosts your ego. In both cases, you are feeding the vulnerability and gaps.


4. The energy on its own is neutral; it is our emotions that channel that energy into positive or negative. When driven by emotions such as anger, hatred, and revenge it gets converted into negative energy. Similarly when driven with creativity and compassion becomes positive and manifests transformation.


5. Compassion is not creating empathy or sympathy. It is feeling others’ joy and pain as ‘One’ and celebrating it with them. It is the urge to take action with them to transform their pain, as we would have done to ours.

Insights :

Regrets :

1. People give from a feeling of superiority and with that comes expectations and power imbalance. Let us build a Foundation that will support the cause and not create more vulnerability amongst people.


2. Most times we dream and discover. We talk and we think and we feel but when it comes to action, to execution; we procrastinate or somehow fail to proceed to ‘call to action’.

​Let us join hands to consciously build a strong Foundation and make ourselves a stable, solid, and secure ‘home of compassion’.  A home where the fundamental right to freedom is recognized respected and restored to human beings and especially children of this world who are the future.


If we wish our children’s future to be free, we have to make the present world free from slavery.

What is your call to action to gift your child and grandchild a free future?



   1. The Kailash Satyarthi Foundation – for more information, please see

   2. The Bachchpan Bachao Andolan – for more information, please see


Furthermore, Satyarthi foundation has recently launched a 100 Million for 100 Million campaign in 2016, where they aim to reach 100 million children and youth who can speak up on behalf of those who cannot. They are spreading their awareness through the film “The Price of Free”, which won the Grand Jury, Best Film award at the Sundance Film Festival.

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