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unsung saviours during covid-19

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By: Sangeeta Maheshwari

      Certified Metaphysics Practioner

      Author | Inner-Happiness Mentor

Our Icon is Janelle Berridge, a registered nurse on the cardiopulmonary floor at Northern Westchester Hospital in New York. She received a Bachelor of Science from New York University and a Master of Science from Columbia University and is a Doctoral candidate in 2020. She has been working as a nurse for the past four years in private nursing care, hospice care, and the COVID-19 hotline for New York Presbyterian.


Compassion and empathy were the way of living for Janelle and her family during this period, as they had to make some tough decisions of social distancing even during personal illness, for the larger interest of the family and humanity.


It is my honor to interview her and get deeper insights along with some regrets as a frontline health professional during the current pandemic.