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do it for yourself

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By: Sangeeta Maheshwari

      Certified Metaphysics Practioner

      Author | Inner-Happiness Mentor


We are all born with some distinct gifts and some hidden talents. Those hidden aspects can become stumbling blocks in our life if they are perceived as impediments.


Our Icon this month is a shy, introverted 23 years old Divyansh Mundra, who talks about how, while growing up, he created a fantasy world full of stories due to his social awkwardness. He used to avoid meeting people and chose to drown himself in the world of fiction.


“When you get paid to pursue your passion, you know you are living your dream.”

He believes in his passion and wants to overcome all barriers that hold him back from living his dream. For an introvert, one of the biggest fears usually is exposure to people, video interviews and of course overcoming stage fright.


While giving a TedX is an honour for most people, for me, it marked the conclusion of my personal struggle with stage fright and shyness. I was saying just one thing in my head as I walked onto the stage. -- That first Quora answer at 19. The first book was at 21. The first Ted talk at 23.

“It's not just daydreaming anymore, but hunger to no longer be a spectator.”




  1. The Comfort zone is a cage.

  2. Do not compare your success through social media.

  3. Inspiration is good, mimicking is not.  Do not imitate people.

  4. The Internet is a tool for chasing dreams when chosen wisely.

  5. Do it for your self and believe in it.

  1. I stayed on the shelf, and that dragged me down.  Stop Procrastination.

  2. I did not get enough sleep when I got addicted to the Internet, and that is a balance one needs to maintain.

All projects, tests, and tasks come with a deadline. We work towards the submission time. But we do not know our life’s timeline. Is that why we take our life for granted and procrastinate?

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” -Mahatma Gandhi



Divyansh Mundra is a Scriptwriter, Famous Quora Writer, Blogger-Fictionverse, Bestselling author and TedX IIFTDelhi Speaker


For more information, please visit his Quora and Facebook Page 


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