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Who We Are
Committed to making a difference

Have you ever questioned the purpose of your presence on Earth?

Who are you, why do you suffer and what are you doing here?


 An Economics graduate with Systems Analysis education lived in 4 continents and travelled over 50 countries, I knew there was something missing in my world. These questions haunted me and led me to a journey within.


After authoring my first book, Faith & True Love – Journey to Inner Peace, in 2015, I wanted to go deeper. This led me to explore Metaphysics (Meta- beyond; physics –reality) to be able to see beyond the 3-Dimensional physical world that we perceive as our reality. I studied to be a Metaphysics practitioner in order to help people see the bigger picture through the bespoke roadmap.


Life A Spiritual Gym (LASG) platform was founded in 2016 with the aim to build our spiritual muscles by being more connected, conscious and courageous in order to live life to our best version.


On LASG we discuss diverse challenges through podcasts, videos, motivational newsletters and insightful interviews of inspirational icons. We conduct workshops to see, support and simplify our struggles into our successes.


No matter what life throws at us, we aspire to see the bigger picture.


Let us together make our life journey more empowered, emancipated and exciting.


We welcome you on board!


Raising the Bar

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