Do you feel stuck in stories or
imprisoned in incidents?

By: Sangeeta Maheshwari
      Certified Metaphysics Practioner
      Author | Inner-Happiness Mentor

Audio Blog - Do you feel stuck in storieSangeeta Maheshwari
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We all need instant forgiveness, gratification or appreciation from others. But when it comes to giving, we want to hold the hurt, anger and the stories. We get so attached to the incident, and the feelings and emotions keep creating turmoil in our lives. As a result, sincere forgiveness becomes an impossible task.

'Sorry' is used so rampantly without truly understanding the meaning. It is a feeling of compassion for the other person. It realises the misunderstanding because of the difference in perspectives. Unless we go deep in this practice, we will not be able to forgive easily and willingly and keep ourselves trapped. We will remain stuck in the story playing the victim's role in a loop. The power will remain with the other person to say sorry to us to free us.

So, if you wish to be the hero, warrior or inspiration, practice sincere forgiveness and release yourself from the drama by letting go.

Start seeing other's perspectives to forgive and free yourself from dramas of life! 


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